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January is Radon Awareness Month

The Maryland Department of the Environment, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Health and local county health departments are promoting January as Radon Awareness Month. Radon is an odorless, colorless, naturally occurring radioactive gas that easily migrates through the soil. It can accumulate within homes, initially in areas where floors and external walls are in contact with the ground, and is often a concern during property transfers. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoke. People who smoke and are also exposed to elevated radon levels where they live are at a greater risk for lung cancer. Thus, it is important that all homes be tested for radon and corrective measures taken when necessary. All homes, regardless of location, can have elevated radon levels. Historical data shows that radon levels are elevated in Northern Maryland (counties ranging from Cecil to Garrett) and Central Maryland (Howard, Montgomery, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Prince George’s counties). Because it is colorless and has no warning sign, the only way to know if dangerous levels of radon are present is to test the home. This can be done with a simple testing device. Radon levels are often higher in the basement, so it best to conduct the test in that area. Radon can also be high on the ground level in homes without basements. If radon levels are higher than 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) it can be remediated by contacting a certified radon service provider. RadiologicalHealth/Pages/radon.aspx

Although radon testing and mitigation methods are not complex, they are not foolproof. Certain procedures must be followed to help ensure desired outcomes. During Radon Awareness Month, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and its partners, will work closely with Maryland REALTORS® to provide information to help buyers, sellers and their agents better understand the nature of radon hazards, how to evaluate exposures, and how to resolve problems if elevated levels are found. Save a life by testing and fixing your home today.

If you'd like your home tested for radon contact me at 240-447-8200 Anna Reed, Realtor

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